The performance of Baril Advogados' tax area includes the issuing of opinions and opinions, the development of tax planning in the context of M&A operations and operational and corporate restructuring, estate and succession planning, the analysis of tax aspects of financial products and the market capital, conducting tax-legal audits, advising on international investments (inbound and outbound), in addition to the development of tax compliance procedures for foreign residents and investors.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In addition to consulting in all areas of taxation, clients rely on the office's sponsorship in judicial and administrative tax proceedings, as well as in the monitoring of tax audits and inspections.



In the advisory area, the firm acts to offer preventive action to clients in order to avoid tax assessments and procedures, in addition to structuring the tax planning of companies seeking, in a lawful way, the reduction of tax costs and the reduction of eventual risks in transactions with tax impacts.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The performance of the firm in the tax area also aims to work together with the other areas, seeking solutions and strategic results in the application of complex tax legislation and in its best interpretation.

Tax Planning

This area of activity aims to carry out a complete study of the client's reality from the legal, accounting and economic aspects and, to indicate, in a safe way, the best strategy to be adopted to reduce the company's tax burden. Also, through this study, the firm points out possible tax liabilities, including hidden ones, in order to mitigate business risks to the client.

Tax Procedures

This area's scope is to act in procedures aimed at obtaining certificates of tax regularity, obtaining and using tax incentives and special taxation regimes, as well as any other necessary before the Tax Authorities or the Judiciary.

Tax Litigation

In the litigation area, the firm acts in administrative and judicial defenses, in all levels of jurisdiction, whether due to collections or inspection procedures. In this sense, the performance of the office involves defenses related to any taxes (federal, state and municipal).

We are a family owned and operated business.

In addition, with a view to recovering Tax Credits, our office currently has more than 50 legal theses in the tax area, both before the Tax Authorities and before the Judiciary, including higher courts, in order to remove and / or recover amounts paid as a result of tax requirements. improper.

Review of Direct and Indirect Taxes

Focused on reducing the tax burden, identifying opportunities and risks. It involves the accounting and tax analysis of the Company, the bases for calculating the applicable taxes and the tax burden on the company's structure and operations. It also includes an analysis of the interpretation of tax legislation applied in practice, verification of compliance with ancillary obligations and other tax impacts for legal entities and individuals.

International Taxation

Tax impacts in Brazil of operations abroad (“cross-border transactions”), involving import and export of goods and services, financial operations, transfer pricing legislation (“transfer pricing”) and main tax aspects to be considered abroad (concepts of taxation in the destination country). Application of the “Thin Capitalization” rules, Brazilian investments abroad and capital inflows in Brazil (tax and regulatory rules / Bacen).

Tax credit recovery and credit monetization

Assistance in the identification of tax credits not used by the client, as well as risk assessment in the taking of credits and assistance in the “monetization” of accumulated credits in the company's accounting (eg: alternatives for use / transfer to third parties, assistance in refund requests / compensation and procedures with State Farms, identification of buyers / sellers and others).

Tax breaks

Assistance in the identification of tax incentives applicable to companies, considering new investments, technological innovation of products and processes (Lei do Bem), state incentives (ICMS) with assistance in the elaboration of projects intended for negotiation with the States, special taxation regimes and others related.

Succession-Tax Planning

Focused on property protection of the family nucleus with tax efficiency and aiming conflicts arising from the succession.

Business Compliance

Consultancy to verify the Company's compliance with laws and normative acts to which they are subject according to their line of activity, with special attention to the new Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law, which innovated in terms of the “duties to act”, both of executives and partners, as well as of the staff itself legal.

Taxation in the Franchise System

Our office has solid and extensive experience on taxation applicable to the franchise system, with structuring of operations aiming at maximum fiscal efficiency with risk mitigation.

Evaluation of the tax effects of the transaction and structuring of the operation with reduction / efficiency of the impacting tax burden.

Assistance in the purchase and sale of companies and assets

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