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We have extensive experience, in-depth technical knowledge and an excellent team to assist your company in Corporate Law routines.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The performance of the Corporate Law nucleus in our office also includes activities aimed at preventive law, a modern trend in law that favors precaution, study and strategic legal planning, based on the premise of the fact that a successful businessman should not take risks unnecessary, since in commercial activity it is possible, through a careful legal analysis, to reduce and / or mitigate possible contingencies.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Thus, we have expertise to serve your company, covering the following fronts:



  • Legal management of franchise networks and legal structuring of the business;

  • Preparation of legal franchise documents: offer circulars, pre-contracts and business franchise contracts, guide on the use of franchise instruments and follow-up on various legal issues, offering all the legal support necessary for the implementation phase of the franchise system;

  • Continuous Legal Advisory, aiming at the follow-up and monitoring of the franchise system after the implementation phase, providing legal advice regarding all issues that may arise during the franchise relationship and management of the instruments signed with the franchisees.

  • Preparation of warnings and notifications related to non-compliance with franchise contracts;

  • Complete legal structuring of Brazilian franchise operations abroad;

  • Management of the lease contracts of the franchisees system and of the own stores, following the terms for the renewal action of rent, rent review, preparation and analysis of contracts, participation in negotiations, sending out of court notices, among others.

Distribution Channels

In our scope of action, we aim at the best Distribution Channel strategy, the design and redesign of the inherent processes and the creation of the necessary tools for the operation and shared management of the network's activities, offering a wide range of related services, which includes :

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Creation and evaluation of the implementation of new distribution channels;

  • Restructuring of distribution channel systems;

  • Planning to enter national and international markets;

  • Structuring networks for the provision of services and technical assistance;

  • Legal recommendations related to the reduction of financial and legal risks in the relationship with the various channels;

  • Support in the management of recruitment and selection of franchisees;

National and International Contracts

• Specialized services in the scope of consultancy and business contracts of the most diverse natures, nationally and internationally, as well as all legal advice in the most diverse business routines;
• Elaboration of technology transfer contracts, assignment and license of brands, patents, design, copyright and cost-sharing;
• Support in negotiating the transfer of stores and drafting sales contracts for commercial establishments (goodwill);
• Elaboration of Brand License and Product Distribution License instruments.
• Support, management, structuring and implementation of internationalization procedures for Brazilian companies that wish to expand their business through franchising or licensing, including all stages of corporate structuring and elaboration of accessory legal instruments, such as the employment contract of foreign executives, master franchise contracts or trademark licensing, corporate instruments, investment agreement, memorandum of understanding, among others.

Continuous Business Legal Advice

Our team has extensive experience in acting as internal legal counsel for several companies in various fields of activity, including large multinationals, interacting on a daily basis, directly with the departments of these companies, analyzing contracts, various legal businesses, evaluating legal risks of certain acts, structuring legal opinions and elaborating legal opinions on the most varied topics, always aiming to provide the widest legal security to the entrepreneur.

Corporate Law and Foreign Investments

We have a specialized team to assist you in the area of Corporate Law, covering all legal advice regarding the appropriate strategic planning and its impacts, especially tax, involving corporate restructuring (M&A), constitution of different corporate structures in Brazil and abroad, best practices and Corporate Governance strategies, elaboration of corporate instruments and all corporate routine involving limited liability companies and Corporations Regularization of Foreign Investments before the Central Bank of Brazil, contemplating the mandatory declaratory records of foreign investments (RDE-IED); remittance of profits and royalties abroad, resulting from operations and business carried out in Brazil; Records of Financial Operations and Corporate Planning suited to the interests of investors.

Cultural Rights, Media, Communication and Entertainment

Regarding the growing presence of the cultural and entertainment industry in the lives of companies and their relations with contemporary media, we are especially careful with all the elements that can help you, in Brazil and abroad:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Guidance and registration for protection of copyright works and software;

  • Analysis and drafting of license, assignment, editing contracts, among others, pertaining to copyright, software, image and voice rights, show contracts, production, cultural partnerships and sponsorships;

  • Guidance directed at the performance of collective copyright management bodies, such as ECAD;

  • Prior analysis of advertising campaigns as authorial work and performance before CONAR;

  • Assistance in the formatting and registration of cultural contests and promotions;

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