Intellectual property

The globalization of the economy offers great business opportunities. At the same time, however, competition intensifies, requiring companies to develop complex actions and relationships to ensure their presence in several countries.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the dispute for markets, intellectual assets are fundamental elements, which must be valued on the one hand and protected on the other. This is why, among the different areas of legal knowledge, Intellectual Property is one of the ones that most develop and transform.


Patents and design

Following the most modern routines and national and international legislation applied to patents and industrial design, Baril Advogados Associados offers a wide range of solutions for the protection and administration of your company's industrial property.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the Paris Convention, we provide services related to patents, including searches for news or hiring; legal opinions on patentability; preparation and filing of patents; utility models; addition certificates; split orders; and industrial design registration requests. All are detailed below:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Searches for patentability and news, in Brazil and abroad, with legal opinion and recommendations;

  • Advice on the patentability of creations, in all technological domains;

  • Preparation of national and international patent applications (including writing of the specification, summary and claims) and follow-up, until the patent letter is obtained;

  • Correct and strategic use of the international deposit system PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty);

  • Maintenance of patents for the period of legal validity, making the payment of annuities with the INPI;

  • Guidance and advice on the best design protection, including making deposits of industrial designs with INPI and abroad;

  • Elaboration of clearances and opinions on patent infringement.

  • Monitoring the publication of patent applications in your area of ​​interest (competitive intelligence). Patent applications are published, after 18 months, from the filing or the priority. The monitoring of third party orders can be done based on certain subjects and / or by the name of the competing company.


Legal protection of a brand, since its creation, placing on the market, maintaining its value and protection against third parties. Regardless of when your brand is found, Baril Advogados Associados offers you all the necessary measures in Brazil and abroad. Between them:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Preparation, deposit and monitoring of product or service marks, three-dimensional marks, certification marks and collective marks, and geographical indications;

  • Guidance, monitoring, surveillance and execution of all necessary measures for effective protection and management of brands;

  • Conducting prior searches and technical-legal opinions;

  • Representation of our clients, before the INPI, with regard to oppositions, administrative nullity proceedings, forfeiture due to lack of use of trademarks, transfers and assignments, name or headquarters changes and licenses;

  • Guidance, preparation and response to extrajudicial notifications, in case of conflicts with third parties;

  • Careful monitoring of the registration procedure, guided by the information of each stage to the client and the indication of the most appropriate strategy and cost for the case;

  • Surveillance of our clients' brands, with the purpose of attacking those of third parties that may conflict with those under our care, published for the purposes of oppositions or already granted;

  • Special searches, all over the national territory, through corporate CNPJ, internet engines, business catalogs, domain names and other sources. The purpose is to determine if any unregistered brands may be in use in the country.

Domain names

The elements of its heritage not included in Intellectual Property, but which have a close relationship with it, also deserve close attention from Baril Advogados Associados.

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Acting in domain name conflicts with other distinctive signs and guidance on adequate protection in each case;

  • Domain name registration.


  • Guidance on the possibility of protecting creations, under the scope of Copyright;

  • Preparation of opinions on issues relating to copyright, software and advertising;

  • Records of works and software before competent bodies, in Brazil and abroad;

  • Analysis and drafting of license and copyright assignment contracts, and any contracts related to the exploration of works, as well as advertising production, editing, artistic production, among others;

  • In advertising matters, guidance and action before CONAR.

Unfair competition and business secrets

When protecting and managing intangibles, which for strategic reasons of your company or for legal contingencies are not registered, the measures presented by Baril Advogados Associados include:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Advice on the appropriate measures to protect interests and rights, with respect to competition;

  • Proposals for solutions and strategies, in the face of any unfair or fraudulent acts practiced by third parties;

  • Analysis and drafting of contracts, to protect business secrets, exams and opinions about the possibility of confusion between packaging, forms of presentation and industrial designs of products.

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