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The globalization of the economy offers great business opportunities. At the same time, however, competition intensifies, requiring companies to develop complex actions and relationships to ensure their presence in several countries.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In the dispute for markets, intellectual assets are fundamental elements, which must be valued on the one hand and protected on the other. This is why, among the different areas of legal knowledge, Intellectual Property is one of the ones that most develop and transform.

We have extensive experience, in-depth technical knowledge and an excellent team to assist your company in Corporate Law routines.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Our practice also includes activities aimed at preventive advocacy, a modern trend in law that favors precaution, study and strategic legal planning, with the premise of the fact that a successful businessman should not take unnecessary risks, since in commercial activity it is possible , through a careful legal analysis, reduce and / or mitigate possible contingencies.

Baril Advogados Associados' litigious performance stands out for its personality in handling each case entrusted to it, without losing sight of the agility in serving its clients.

With professionals specialized in their areas of expertise, the firm is qualified to provide specialized assistance in Intellectual Property and Business Law, in addition to full service to companies.

Our work includes the issuance of opinions and opinions, the development of tax planning in the context of M&A operations and operational and corporate restructuring, estate and succession planning, the analysis of tax aspects of financial products and the capital market, the realization of tax-legal audits, advice on international investments (inbound and outbound), in addition to the development of tax compliance procedures for residents and foreign investors.


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