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Baril Advogados has a dedicated division for monitoring the entire life cycle of a company, providing preventive consulting and counseling in order to ensure legal safety and allowing the business to thrive. With correct legal planning, the contracting party is not only able to mitigate risks, but also enable sustainable growth and discover more advantageous routes to escalate the business. Mindful of the here and now, and with a mission to draw out the possible paths to the future together with their clients, Baril provides periodic consulting and counseling to serviced companies.






With large expertise in advising clients and companies in expansion and business exploration, Baril promotes an individual analysis to point out the best strategy for you next steps, focused on Franchises, Licensing and other Distribution Channels. The client is fully advised on how to organize the operation, guide the more advantageous corporate and tax models, ensuring trademark rights and providing ongoing legal counseling for working in Brazil and abroad.


Legal relationships normally begin by drafting agreements. For this moment, the firm is experienced in drafting national and international company contracts, which spans from the creation of Franchise instruments, Trademark License Agreement, Joint Ventures and Product Distribution, only to mention a few specialties, up to the implementation of procedures that support companies that wish to expand in the most diverse territories.



Weighing up corporate relationships is invaluable to build a suitable contract model, which will ensure the rights, intentions and relationships of the partners. For this reason, Baril provides consulting for determining the most recommended corporate structure, to help implement the best Corporate Governance practices. Another specialization in Corporate Law that Baril has is in company mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Due to the complexities of this type of operations, it is important that all involved personnel have an analytical view on all steps required for negotiation of companies and respective participations, in addition to proper counseling to ensure rights and reach intended objectives with maximization of profitability and legal safety.






Baril is a great partner for those who wish to create an estate planning and understand how anticipating decisions may help safeguard the family estate, saving in tax payment and avoiding future conflicts. The entire process is customized according to individual family needs and helps in proper safeguarding of assets that were built with so much effort, challenging work and an incredible dose of creativity.

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